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The Great Little Water Company Sdn Bhd was founded with the aim to promote green and clean technologies in Asia.
All GLWC engineers are proud members of ASHRAE.

Founded with the aim to promote green and clean technologies in Asia. In this context, we are proud of having converted many cooling towers to our non-toxic environmentally friendly Clean CT-01™ water treatment program. Like that we have replaced conventional chemical treatment and therefore we are avoiding huge amounts of toxic chemicals being released into the water bodies. Further, we have implemented rainwater collection systems feeding highly clean rain water into cooling towers which helps save millions of liters of water each year.

Through our Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and mold remediation services to Malaysian hospitals and office buildings we have helped reduce mold and bacteria counts, creating healthier indoor environments. In hospitals this is especially important because many patients there have weakened immune systems and thus are more susceptible to infections.

We employ and develop local talent to help build a strong future for the region. We empower our staff to become good leaders, helping them to develop their own and strong characters.

To help with continuing education of the operations, maintenance and facility management industry for hospitals and other buildings, we are actively engaged with the American Society for Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Malaysian Chapter. In this context we have organized several seminars and lectures in Kuching, focusing on good IAQ practices, infection control in hospital ventilation systems and green air-con technologies.

Newspaper articles are introducing one of the seminars organized through ASHRAE by members of the GLWC team