Our Mission

Through our Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and mold remediation services to Malaysian hospitals and office buildings we have helped reduce mold and bacteria counts, creating healthier indoor environments. In hospitals this is especially important because many patients there have weakened immune systems and thus are more susceptible to infections.

Our Team

Our highly driven and qualified engineers and technicians have been carefully selected in order to maximize the team’s performance. Our team is committed to continuing to master new challenges as clients continue to ask for our professional and innovative solutions to their problems. Our people are constantly learning and asking questions on how we can improve the status quo.


“I can recommend GLWC’s services to anyone who wants to improve the performance and efficiency of their cooling water, air handling systems, and anyone who is concerned about Indoor Air Quality and the health and safety of their employees.”

Nicolai, Bill of Asia Pacific PCB Division

  • Company Overview

The Great Little Water Company Asia (GLWC) is a technology start-up company, founded in 2008, specializing in clean technology engineering solutions and services.

GLWC received support from the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) under the Fast Track Environmental and Water Technologies Incubator Scheme (Fast Tech) in February 2010 to enable research and development of the green Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning water treatment and sustainable drinking water and solutions.

From its initial business line in green air-con water treatment products and services, GLWC has broadened its range of services to now include also indoor air quality monitoring, mold/fungus remediation & prevention, air duct inspection and surface protection products and services.