Purify Water for Lab and Industrial

The GLWCA-7-1200 Water Conditioning System

The GLWCA-7-1200 system produces Type III laboratory grade water built especially for steam sterilizers and glassware washers. This robust system provides 7 stage purification and disinfection system ensuring a long life for your system. Each system consists of

  • 2 stage sedimentation filtration
  • 2 stage activated carbon filtration
  • 1 stage chlorine elimination
  • 1 stage RO pre-treatment
  • 1 stage high efficiency RO module

The pre-treatment modules remove dirt particles, free chlorine, chloramines and other minerals found in the tap water.
The reverse osmosis membrane removes more than 90% of the hardness, dissolved solids and inorganic ions.

GLWCA-7-1200 Benefits

  • Designed specifically for autoclaves and laboratory glassware washers.
  • Designed to be easy to use, low maintenance and low cost of operation.
  • Prolongs equipment life by removing 90%+ of total dissolved and suspended solids which cause scale.
  • Utilizes highest grade components with state of the art controls.
  • Environmentally friendly, low energy consumption, no harmful waste.

Why Purify Water

Majority of steam sterilizers use an electric steam generator to create the steam required for the steam operation. When steam is created, any minerals found in the feed water are left behind on the surface of the steam generator. Over time, the mineral deposits will accumulate and coat the internal components of the steam generator. As the build up of the minerals increases, the functionality of the generator will decrease until it stops working.

Product Summary

Specification: GLWCA-7-1200
Production Water Quality: Type III
Application: For steam sterilizers with carbon steel steam generators
Sterilizer Size (Volumetric): 1200 litres