Frequently Asked Questions


CT-01 Chemicals

What is Clean CT-01™?

Clean CT-01™ is our proprietary brand of water treatment for commercial and industrial HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and cooling) systems. It comprises of products such as Pipe Flusher, Pipe Cleaner and AHU Tube Cleaner; plus treatment sustems such as for Rainwater Harvesting; plus comprehensive water treatment service programs.

What are the components of Clean CT-01™?

They are proprietary. But, don’t worry: all the ingredients in the powdered products Pipe Cleaner, Pipe Flusher and AHU Tube Cleaner are found inside food as food additives, so most likely you have already eaten each of them at different times. The ingredients of the liquid LFWA you have most likely been in contact with already while using sanitising products at home, at the doctor etc.

Where are the Clean CT-01™ products applied?

Clean CT-01™ products are designed for water in:

1. Chilled water (evaporator) loops

2. Cooling tower (condenser) loops

3. Boiler used for preheating

4. Chiller tube cleaning

5. AHU tube cleaning

Would exposure to the Clean CT-01™ chemicals pose any threat to my health?

No. All ingredients are safe to handle and non-toxic. The powdered products Pipe Flusher, Pipe Cleaner and AHU Tube Cleaner are based on food-grade ingredients only, which means you may even ingest it in small amounts. The liquid LFWA is approved for use on food-preparation surfaces and is therefore also safe; due to its disinfecting properties however it is recommended to wear gloves and goggles in situations where you might get splashed with the concentrate. The LFWA is not safe to drink in concentrated form.

Do I have to wear protective clothing while handling the Clean CT-01™ chemicals?

No protective clothing is required when handling the powdered products Pipe Flusher, Pipe Cleaner or AHU Tube Cleaner. When handling the liquid LFWA be mindful that it has disinfecting properties; therefore it is recommended to wear gloves and goggles in situations where you might get splashed with the concentrate.

How is the Clean CT-01™ different from other conventional cooling water treatment chemicals?

Clean CT-01™ is green through-and-through, as much as that is possible while still delivering the job of keeping the cooling/heating water clean. Most conventional cooling water treatment chemicals on the other hand are based on semi-toxic to toxic ingredients, such as nitrates for corrosion inhibition. Some still use chromates for bio-control or other biocides which tend to accumulate in fatty tissue and can have unpredictable long-term effects on health of ecosystems and population.


Clean CT-01™ Service Program

What products are used under the Clean CT-01™ service programs?

Products used as part of the Clean CT-01™ service program:

1. Pipe Cleaner (white, non-toxic powder resembling laundry detergent)

2. LFWA, a low-foaming wetting agent (clear liquid)

3. Further, the filtration skid requires occasional filter changes using generic cartridge filters

What does the Clean CT-01™ service program include?

Our Clean CT-01™ service program includes:

1. regular site service by our water treatment experts

2. dosing of Clean CT-01™ products and controlling of their levels

3. regular monitoring of chiller performance and heat transfer efficiency

4. regular bacteria tests

5. filter changes when needed

6. controlling of COC (Cycle of Concentrations) to minimise water consumption

7. reporting of all above mentioned activities and monitoring results

What are you doing differently from other conventional chemicals companies?

First, we utilise sidestream filtration as a physical way to keep the loop water as clean as possible. Like this, the need for chemical water treatment is already reduced since fewer impurities need to be taken care of. Next, we promote the use of rainwater which by nature is already very pure. For bio-control, we promote the use of non-chemical means such as UV and ozone which minimises chemical effluent into our ecosystems. To prevent excessive use of biocontrol agents, we monitor bacteria counts of open (cooling tower) systems on a weekly basis.

Would I still need to do chiller tube cleaning?

The need for chiller tube cleaning gets significantly reduced through the use of Clean CT-01™ products and service programs.


CT-01 Equipment

Do I need to do any modifications to my current system?

To adopt the Clean CT-01™ regular service program, a filtration skid needs to be installed which helps in keeping the loop water cleaner. For one-off pipe flushing and cleaning activities which can be followed by blow-down, the filtration skid is not required.


Water Chemistry

What are the parameters of main concern in cooling water chemistry?

1. Calcium-hardness: can quickly form lime scale which reduces chiller and AHU/FCU efficiency and tends to choke up the system flow.

2. TDS: Total dissolved solids are an indicator for the cycle of concentration (COC) you are running in your system; generally it can be stated that the higher the TDS and the COC, the better the water efficiency.

3. pH: low pH and too high pH promote corrosion. Further, low pH often encourages bacteria growth.

4. bacteria: always keep total bacteria counts below the threshold of 10 power 5 cfu/mL in cooling tower systems.

5. iron: high dissolved iron concentrations may indicate that your piping system is slowly being “eaten up” by the water. High suspended iron usually indicates plenty of corrosion.

Why are water chemistry considerations important in treating cooling water systems?

The need for chiller tube cleaning gets significantly reduced through the use of Clean CT-01™ products and service programs.