We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.

– Thomas Fuller

Rainwater Harvesting

Solution to Insufficient water supply.
Reduces Harsh Environmental Impact from Runoff Rainwater.


Benefits to People

  • Use of natural water eliminates or reduce the cost of purchasing and transporting water.
  • Rainwater collected is ideal for washing, gardening and drinking with regard to low mineral content.
  • Lessens the runoff water damage to surrounding areas.
  • Lowers the chance of flooding.
  • Pumping cost and treatment cost is significantly reduced thus reducing energy consumption.
  • Rainwater can be made readily drinkable by treating it’s contaminants in a few simple steps.
  • Add life to equipment depending on water to operate.

Benefits to Business

  • Reduces water bills and sewage bills.
  • Allows business to obtain GBI(Green Building Index) points.
  • Directly applicable to cooling tower, toilet flushing, landscaping, cleaning and washing, drinking water and specific water-oriented industrial or agriculture purpose.


Usable Water


Runoff Water Reduction


Drinkable at 100% (25% away to 100%)


Environmental Friendly

Utilizing Rainwater Harvesting for HVAC Cooling Towers and Drinking Water in Remote Areas


A firsthand look into our Work and Results

Key Components for Rainwater Harvesting

Catchment Area

Giant Hypermarket – Kuching branch – roof top area (available area: 1 acre, effective collection area: 0.5 acre)

Conveyance System

High Density Poly Propylene guttering system
High Density Poly Ethylene piping

Storage Device

Water proof underground storage tank
Volume: 175m³

Distribution System

Submersible pump and HDPE pipe to make-up water tank
Parameter monitoring devices (water meter, pH probe, TDS probe)

Rainwater Harvesting with the Clean CT-01 Intelligent System Overview

Rainwater being used as water in place of ground water or city water for cooling tower application

Common issues faced by rain water harvesting system like:

Aggressive Water, Pollutant Water, Roofing Material, Chemical Containment, Drought, Acid Rain, Biological Containment, Torrential rain.

can all be addressed except for weather induced ones.

The Component

Modular Filtration Skid (a component of the intelligent system)

Automatic dosing, filtration and disinfection components

The Objective: Energy Efficiency, Water Savings, and Good Health and Safety.

The Clean CT-01 Intelligent System Achieves All the Above

Good Approach Temperatures are Achieved by
Treating Water Sources to Obtain Clean Systems

The Result on Cooling Tower at the Giant Hypermarket

Water Savings

A large amount of water consumption from City Water Consumption (red-line) has been replaced by Rainwater (blue-line)

Total consumption (green-line) is the total usage of both City Water and Rainwater.

The visible amount of water saved in Volume(m³) is shown, an exemplary result.

Energy Efficiency

In the graph we highlight two photos from the reading demonstrating good temperature approach where the difference between the leaving liquid temperature and the returning liquid temperature of the chiller is noted.

A normal healthy approach temperature is between 0 to 3 degrees, where 4 and above indicate possible fouling of tubes.

Notice in our result the approach temperature of the chiller became smaller from 2.7 °F in Oct 2011 to 1.9 °F in Feb 2012 showing improvement in efficient use of energy over the course of Clean CT01 treatment.

Bacteria count in the condenser loop is well maintained below the recommended 100,000 cfu/m3 (Australian and Singapore regulations). This is achieved through usage of non chemical and soap grade disinfectant device and products.

Taking our Results and changing to new filters

Taking a closer look at the suspended solids

Contaminants, suspended solids, is removed from the condenser or chilled water loop through the side stream filtration unit. This will prevent fouling and scaling in the system and keep the system clean. Life of the equipment is extended by eliminating coarse and abrasive contaminants. Any scratches or abrasion on the pipes and equipment are also prevented.

Photo shows that dirty filters of the chilled water loop (from a sample site in Kuching) are brown and slimy. Thick layer of mud-like substance is collected on the filter media. As these impurities are being eliminated, the loop water will become cleaner and clearer.

Safety & Health

Our application is not without our carefully engineered Clean CT-01 product that are not only easy to handle and apply. Clean CT-01 Formula effectively deals with scaling, fouling, corrosion and bio-growth. Our formula not only heal the system by significantly lowering the scale, corrosion and bacteria and help prevent any additional or further damage.

All ingredients in Clean CT-01 products are either food grade, biodegradable or used in food surface preparations.
No toxic chemicals are used on site, eliminating hazards associated with conventional water treatment chemicals, such as handling and storage. It also reduces health risks to building occupants or passersby within the vicinity of the cooling towers.

After effectively reducing the water bills and sewage bills. The building is allowed to obtain green building index (GBI) points for a maximum of two points with rainwater harvesting implemented. Rainwater harvesting that leads to more than 15% reduction in potable water consumption gains the building one point and 30% reduction or more gains the building two points.

Rainwater Harvesting and Drinking Water for Remote Areas

Hydrafree-7-5000 Modular Water Conditioning System

The Hydrafree-7-5000 Modular Water Conditioning System

The Hydrafree-7-5000 system produces high quality drinking water. This robust system provides 7-stage purification and on-site chemical generation ensures production of clean, safe drinking water.

Each system consists of:

  • 1 stage modular sedimentation filtration utilizing auto cleaning sand filter
  • 2 stage fine sedimentation filtration
  • 1 stage activated carbon filtration
  • 2 stage ultraviolet disinfection utilizing high efficiency long life bulbs
  • 1 stage on-site chlorine generation to provide residual disinfection in the storage tanks and piping up to the end user

The pre-treatment modules remove dirt particles, leaves, other organic material from the water source including potential organic contaminants. The stage ultra violet disinfection module combined with on site chlorine generator ensure that safety of the end user.

GLWCA-7-5000 Benefits

  • Designed specifically for remote areas due to its modular nature and low power consumption
  • Suitable for river water, rain water harvesting systems or catchment area water collection systems.
  • Designed to be easy to use, low maintenance and low cost of operation.
  • Utilizes highest grade components with state of the art controls
  • Environmental friendly, low energy consumption, no harmful waste.

Why Purify Water

Proper water purification ensures good taste, smell and appearance and reduces the health risk associated with the following:

  • Protozoan Pathogens (ex. Cryptosporidium)
  • Biological contaminants (ex. Algae)
  • Viral Pathogens (ex. Hepatitis A)
  • Bacterial Pathogens (ex. Salmonella)
  • Chemical contaminants in water (ex. Benzene)