Below please find a list of some of our projects and clients



North Bridge Centre, Singapore


Industry: Commercial Building

Service: Chilled Water Pipe System  rehabilitation, descaling and cleaning service using popietary
technology, Clean CT-01TM

Wisma Saberkas, Kuching, Malaysia


Industry: Commercial Building

Opening: 1985

Treatment: Dec 2010 – April 2013

System: 4 x 300 ton York Chillers, 9 x 400 ton Cooling Towers


Swinburne University, Kuching, Malaysia


Industry: Educational Facility

Opening: 2000

Treatment: May 2009 – Present

System: 4 Chillers (2×350; 1×175; 1×500), 7 x 300 ton Cooling Towers

Hock Lee Centre, Kuching, Malaysia


Industry: Hotel and Commercial Complex

Opening: 1998

Treatment: Jul 2010 – May 2011

System: 2 x Chillers, 3 x Cooling Towers


Taiyo Yuden Sarawak


Industry: Manufacturing Plant

Opening: 1990

Treatment: May 2010 – present

System: 6  x chillers, 6 x Cooling Towers

Sarawak International Medical Centre

(Pusat Jantung Hospital Umum Sarawak)


Industry: Medical Care Facility

Opening: 2010

Treatment: Dec 2010 – Present

System: 6 x 500 ton Chillers, 6 x 700 ton Cooling Towers


F&N Beverage Manufacturing Plant


Industry: Beverage Manufacturing Facility

Opening: 1966

Treatment: July 2009 to present

System: Water packaged Units and process cooling, 2 x Cooling Towers

Giant Hypermarket, Padawan, Kuching


Industry: Commercial Building

Opening: October 2011

Treatment: October 2011 – Present

Type: Rain Water Harvesting for Condenser Water and

Intelligent System utilizing Non Toxic HAC Water Treatment Technology

Non Toxic Chill Water Treatment

System: 2 x 500 ton York Chillers, 2 x 700 ton True Water Cooling Towers