About Our Team

The Great Little Water Company


Our highly driven and qualified engineers and technicians have been carefully selected in order to maximize the team’s performance. Our team is committed to continuing to master new challenges as clients continue to ask for our professional and innovative solutions to their problems. Our people are constantly learning and asking questions on how we can improve the status quo. We seek to deliver non-toxic green solutions and best practices which will benefit the occupants of indoor spaces and the environment. At the same time we form strategic alliances with leading companies in order to deliver complete solutions to customers’ needs.

Rafal Lulko

Managing Director – Canadian
Founder since 2008

Aleks Chai Ming Fong

Director – Malaysian
Founder since 2008

Bertram Duerr

Technology Application Director – German

Don Gray

Chief Scientist – American

Professional Memberships in:

American Water Works Association
Water Quality Association
International Ozone Association
Tesla Engine Builders Association
Space Dermatology Society

Patents Issued: 7 Patent Applications: 12

Mr. Don Gray specialized in water, mechanical and electrical engineering. His education includes A.S. Degree Electrical Engineering Technology and A.S. Degree Mechanical Engineering Technology from Eastern Oklahoma State College.

He has years of experience having served as scientist for some of the world’s leading technology organizations including: Texas Instrument, Boeing, Rockwell International, US Department of Defence, NASA and Teledyne Corporation where he was a member of Teledyne’s Technical Advisory Board. His professional memberships include: American Water Works Association, Water Quality Association, International Ozone Association, Tesla Engine Builders Association, and Space Dermatology Society.

Mr. Gray has been the principal investigator for numerous R&D activities in the fields of environmental sustainability, energy conservation, manned space flight processes, HVAC and hydronic equipment water treatment, chemical processes, drinking water treatment, conditioning, conservation, and purification processes, and applications ranging from fresh to sea water. Mr. Gray was granted numerous US patents for water purification systems and equipment, such as the fluid handling and treatment systems he developed for space and earth based equipment.

During his time as chief engineer at Holcomb Companies from 1996 to ’99, Mr. Don Gray managed R&D projects across multiple subsidiaries which included water purification systems, HVAC water treatment chemicals, fuel additives for reduction of pollution, and research into increasing energy efficiency in power generation. As technologies manager at Teledyne Laars during 1995 to ‘96, Mr. Don Gray reported directly to the company president, managing R&D and manufacturing in the fields of hydronic heating, disinfecting, and filtration and pumping equipment.

As Lead Engineer for Environmental System Integration at Teledyne Brown Engineering from 1989 to ’95, Mr. Don Gray managed R&D and design for water purification and remediation projects for US and overseas applications. He worked with the California Department of Health to establish test protocols for residential water purification. He also worked as Project Engineer for Space Programs where he simultaneously managed as many as ten multi-million dollar product development and manufacturing efforts for the Space Station “Freedom”. The space station projects he worked on included an ultra-pure water system, waste gas management system, vacuum system, glove box exhaust contaminant removal system, and a various pieces of ground support equipment.

During his time as mechanical/electrical liaison engineer at Rockwell International from 1982 to ‘87, Mr. Don Gray developed manufacturing techniques and processes, and worked with in-house and vendor’s Manufacturing and Quality Control departments in order to stream-line productivity and delivery systems.

Mr. Gray currently owns his own company, Appropriate Technologies, and serves as Chief Scientist for The Great Little Water Company where he leads R&D of technologies that support the goals of sustainability, clean drinking water, and a greener earth. Don currently mentors young engineers in the continuous R&D of the Clean CT-01™ non-toxic HVAC water treatment technology (2001) and the rainwater harvesting Intelligent System (2011) for HVAC application and the AHDO (2011) for pond treatment and Hydrafree drinking water systems.