Project: Mold-decontamination and disinfection of newly commissioned hospital with 42,000 m² total floor area

Time: December 2010 – March 2011

Building: Built in 2006 as private hospital with several building blocks to cater for everything a hospital needs.

Total floor area: 42,000 m². This includes all the medical departments with 6 operating theatres, ICU, central sterile storage, ward blocks etc. Further it includes canteen, engineering, admin and so forth.

Building condition: Building had not been in use for nearly 4 years until renovations started in 2010 to become a public hospital.

Job scope under GLWC: Comprehensive IAQ testing, Mapping and tracking of all mold occurrences and water damage, Root cause analysis, Comprehensive mold decontamination, Sterilization of all rooms, Rectification of root causes for mold.

The job was followed by maintenance contracts for all AHUs / FCUs plus the air-con water treatment.


GLWC team during mold clean-up works including vacuuming with HEPA vacuum cleaner, wiping with hospital grade disinfectant and misting with tea-tree oil based disinfectant, January 2011


Air sampling results prior and post decontamination activities. Bacteria and fungus count limits: 500 cfu/m³ (general areas), 35 cfu/m³ (specialty areas highlighted in circles). All relevant limits were achieved after decontamination.