Lean on our expertise to clean out neglected chilled water loops. The GLWC team will use the highly effective non-toxic Clean CT-01™ products and monitor water parameters to track the cleaning progress. As with all Clean CT-01™ products and services, dirt such as rust, scale and biofilm will be removed leaving behind corrosion-protected inner pipe surfaces. This green technology uses only safe ingredients that are either approved food additives or cleaners of food-preparation surfaces.


Photo: Chilled water samples, from left to right: before, during and after our Clean CT-01™ Rehabilitation program

The chilled water loop rehabilitation consists of the following main steps:

  1. Flush system to remove dissolved and suspended impurities
  2. Connect mobile sidestream filtration skid and start filtering out any suspended impurities still present inside the loop water
  3. Dose Clean CT-01™ non-toxic low-pH descaling agent. For certain period, maintain level of active reagents; confirm by monitoring relevant chemical concentrations. During this time, the majority of rust and scale gets removed. Monitor filters and replace when clogged


Photo: Generic filter cartridges such as the ones shown remove huge amounts of impurities throughout the process, reducing the requirement for aggressive chemical concentrations that could be damaging to the system. Photo on left shows also one clean cartridge for comparison

  1. Flush system to remove dissolved impurities
  2. Dose Clean CT-01™ Pipe Cleaner which raises the pH above 7. For certain period, maintain level of active reagents; confirm again by monitoring as before. Still remaining rust and scale gets removed, while cleaned metal surfaces are being protected with ultra-thin corrosion-inhibiting passivation layer. Monitor filters and replace when clogged.

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