Dehumidification is often a key component in preventing mold occurrence or reoccurrence and also other IAQ problems. Further, it is a necessity that any mold-affected indoor areas are dry prior to a mold remediation process, and active dehumidification is often needed for this. Dehumidification is usually needed to lower the air’s relative humidity, and also to dry out any wet building materials. Remember What are the conditions for mold growth?.


Dehumidification can for example be achieved through adjustments to the Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Cooling (HVAC) system targeted to reduce relative indoor humidity. In other cases, special dehumidification equipment needs to be deployed. Our experts will be able to advise on the easiest and best ways for your specific facility.

Same as with the mold remediation, also the dehumidification has to be part of an overall strategy that looks at a wide range of parameters – otherwise, the indoor conditions can quickly revert to “normal” (therefore wet again like before) after the works are finished.

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