The Great Little Water Company is proud to introduce The Clean CT-01™ Green HVAC Water Treatment System, a comprehensive solution to address all cooling and heating water issues.  This system is the fruit of GLWC’s continuous research & development work since year 2000.  The system is capable of simultaneously address fouling, scaling, corrosion and bio-growth issues.  This is made possible through the cross application of electronic, mechanical and chemical engineering.

The Clean CT-01™ system can be used to clean, rehabilitate and protect all pipes and wetted surfaces of equipment in air conditioning system, boilers, reheat water system, drinking water and sewage water systems.  Clean CT-01™ has 13 years of proven track record from Canada, USA, Singapore and Malaysia.

Unlike most water treatment solutions, The Clean CT-01™ Green HVAC Water Treatment System not only treats the water but it goes a step further to ensure efficient heat transfer occurs between water and its corresponding elements.  This enables water savings by significantly reducing water wastage during the treatment process.  Further, it ensures health and safety of occupants by controlling microbial and bio-growth which also prevents diseases such as Legionnaires Disease and by avoiding the use of toxic chemicals that can otherwise compromise safety and health.  Finally, the green system also prolongs equipment life by preventing corrosion through protective coatings and ensuring that water is non-corrosive.

The Clean CT-01™ Chilled Water Treatment System utilizes food grade non toxic chemicals designed to treat drinking water pipelines, where all ingredients are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

While our solutions address issues at their root causes, we target to deliver sustainable outcomes that provide long-term benefits to the client.  Some of our products and services include:

Overview of Clean CT-01™ products

The Clean CT-01™ products are applied by contractors or maintenance and service personnel:

  • Pipe Flusher: this ready-to-use product presents a complete solution to flush newly installed air-con and boiler water loops. Helps get the best out of the air-con system with minimal hassle during commissioning.
  • Pipe Cleaner: this ready-to-use product accomplishes rehabilitation, commissioning and cleaning of piping systems in general. Removes build-up of fouling, scale and other contaminants from the inside of existing and old systems. Specially designed for Open & Closed air-conditioning loops that are not new.
  • AHU Tube Cleaner: ready-to-use product which delivers de-scaling and de-rusting of the inside of AHU and FCU cooling coils. Totally non-toxic system that leaves behind a corrosion-protected system with restored heat transfer efficiency.

Overview of Clean CT-01™ services

The Clean CT-01™ services are deployed by GLWC or our regional representatives:

  • Ongoing treatment: Closed Loop (Evaporator) water treatment – increase system efficiency by removing scale and blockages inside heat exchangers and piping system which are often created by calcium, bacteria, rust, residue from chemical treatment and other sources.
  • Open Loop (Condenser) water treatment using Intelligent System – keep HVAC system running efficiently by optimizing heat transfer and prolonging equipment life-span. The Intelligent System deploys our carefully designed control philosophy to manage filtration, auto dosing, disinfection and pre-treatment for maximum benefit.  This system delivers the core of our non-toxic condenser water treatment program, a planned preventive maintenance program.
  • Rain Water Harvesting for Open Loops (Condenser) – proprietary green technology which conditions rain water to become perfect cooling tower water: free water supply with no risk of scaling. This complete package includes conditioning and ongoing water treatment of the cooling tower water.

Safety and health

The Clean CT-01™ Water Treatment System utilizes non toxic chemicals designed to treat drinking water pipelines, where all ingredients are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

All ingredients in Clean CT-01™ products are either food grade, biodegradable or used in food surface preparations. As a result, no toxic chemicals are used on site. Hazards associated with the toxic conventional water treatment chemicals such as handling and storage are thus eliminated. Clean CT-01™ also reduces health risks to building occupants or passersby within the vicinity of the cooling towers and further prevents runoff water pollution which can contaminate food sources via rivers and the sea.

Clean CT-01 is approved for use by registered food establishments by Canadian Food Inspection Agency. This means, no health implications are expected if the product is used on food preparation surfaces: no harmful residue is left behind because the product itself is not harmful. Following please find the letter by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency regarding CT-01: