Keep your family members, your staff and yourself healthy! Keep your air-con system in top shape, minimize bacteria and fungus, reduce energy bills…

Through our wholly owned subsidiary Great Little Air-Con Services, we now offer:

  • Comprehensive service for split system air-con systems
    • Including outdoor unit (compressor) cleaning and refrigerant top-up
    • Including thorough cleaning of cooling coil and blower fan using green enzymes
    • Including cleaning & disinfection of drain pan and pipe to prevent leakage
    • Including measurement of performance before & after the service (supply air speed and temperature)
    • Expect airflow-improvements above 25%, more silent operation, better cooling and drying performance and reduced energy consumption
  • Installation of new systems
    • Please call us for our competitive rates and great service

Call us now on 017-818-GLAC (017-818-4522) to schedule your service.

For more information please visit the website: